Impara Yoga Ratna

Learn “Yoga Ratna” comfortably at home.

I want you to keep staying with us. I’m happy to give you my video course, completely free (value 27 €)!

This video gives you the great opportunity to experience what Yoga Ratna is about.

The course is divided in 5 parts:
  • 1°: Detachment and Meditation
  • 2°: Mudra and Pranayama
  • 3°: Warming up
  • 4°: The twelve Asanas/Positions
  • 5°: Guided deep Relaxation

I hope that you’ll love the magical world of Yoga Ratna!

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The ‘Yoga is Magic Newsletter’ highlights the best in poses, sequences and advice. Learn about special programs, retreats, vacations and events. After signing up to the newsletter, you will receive my 'Yoga Ratna' video course completely free (€ 27 value), and the diploma thesis I wrote while studying at S.I.Y.R. School (School for Teachers Training of Yoga-Ratna). For my thesis I wanted to elaborate yoga sequences which could help reactivate the femininity inside us. By reading my thesis you will learn four yoga sequences - I created one sequence for each element: earth, water, fire and air. I called my thesis "The Feminine Dance", because I perceive life as a dance, sometimes frenetic, sometimes slow, sometimes serene and so on. I hope you enjoy the magical world of Yoga Ratna!

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Very nice! I wish I had the opportunity to practice moreover, it is excellent for body and mind. Sabine is patient, kind and she explains very well!
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