My nalaksmi 1me is Laila Crispino and since I was a child I grew up immersed in nature with, on awakening, the musical background of my parents singing their morning mantras.

I learned the art of natural healing, through herbs and nutrition, in daily living and growing the concept of “healing” has always attracted me more Attending the Liceo Scientifico the thought of the ancient and modern philosophers opened the world of introspection to me, flanking spiritual practices which, since I often frequented the Hare Krsna community with my family, had become part of me.

ScreenHunter_1408 Jan. 29 17.19At the age of 17 I had thyroid problems, so much so that I had to withdraw from school and everything that was my daily life, and since “modern” medicine proposed me to become a lifetime addict of drugs, I chose the yoga, of inner listening, the study of oneself; I got help from homeopathy, from Chinese medicine, nutrition and herbs …..

I discovered what “healing” means … being consistent with oneself, and this has led me to begin my holistic education.

On my first trip to India, I was so fortunate to learn the art of foot reflexology in the Ayurvedic center of Jagannath Puri and to practice yoga for the first time in its place of origin …

2005 I started my training as a naturopath at the ANEA Academy of Naturopathy in the bioenergetic and environmental direction of Prato, graduating in 2012 with a 97/100 mark … I continued my path specializing in Foot Reflexology, Herbalism and Floritherapy. At the same time ScreenHunter_1407 Jan. 29 17.19I have always continued my journey in yoga through personal practice, attending various seminars of Gabriella Cella, the founder of the Yoga Ratna style, following the weekly courses of Sabine Paul, a over years very experienced teacher, as well as my mother!  During my travels in India I have always tried to take advantage of the opportunity to try out the different ways of teaching this fascinating and vast discipline. For years I studied and practiced the Indian dance Odissi, originally from Orissa, that made me discover the world of symbols expressed through the body, a body that embodies the power of the figures it represents ….

In 2016 I received the certificate as a yoga instructor at the CSEN and this year 2018 I attended the yoga teacher training course 200 hours at the school “CINTAMANI YOGA” in Florence with the teacher Jahnava Sundari and it ScreenHunter_1402 Jan. 29 17.18was an intense path that led me to open up and want to offer this style of yoga … VINYASA …. a fluid, dynamic, playful style, but which carries within itself the symbols that the yoga Ratna taught me and that I love so much.

I am a mother of three beautiful children whom I thank wholeheartedly for the joy and continuous trials that they give me, as well as I thank my partner who stands beside me and supports me and my family a heartfelt thanks for all the love that He accompanied me on my way ….






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I think it is the essence of life, it help me to change myself, and Sabine is a “teacher” and she does it like it must be done, she is very competen…
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