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veramente un ottimo corso di yoga, brava Sabine!

Ottimo Corso di Yoga!
Eva testimonial for yoga is magic

I like how the essence of each yoga position can be applied to everyday life.

Eva from Barcelona
yoga ratna testimonial corezzo

The most relaxing yet powerful yoga I ever did!

Tatiana from the Netherlands

I went on vacation, to pull the plug and there I found yoga … and as with all disciplines a good teacher is what makes the difference and what allows you to know more and more about yourself. Sabine “is” the difference, her ability goes beyond, and her feelings, her teachings to the group is to perceive “the individual”, and to perceive the individual allows the harmony of  items that are part of our being. Her knowledge is conscious mutual exchange and enrichment for everyone and for every level of knowledge. What to say?!? Just try it … I met her a few years ago in the beautiful valley of Casentino, she is like a precious piece of a connection puzzle between heaven and earth, she waits and listens every soul on the way. Thanks, this year I had the joy to meet you again.


Together with my partner, we went for holidays to a valley unknown to me: the Valle of Casentino (Arezzo). In addition to the wonders of the place, I met great people who live in a place, I dare say, “magical”! Among other things, we learned that they were giving yoga classes. My partner dragged me “by force” to attend one of these yoga lessons, and there I met Sabine. I have to say that I was absolutely convinced that this discipline of yoga did not suit me, as I had been practicing for over 10 years other types of arts, such as Karate.  What struck me about her? Well, besides her kindness, peace quiet and good predisposition toward others? Everything … how her preparation and patience introduces you to this art (which I did not know at all). And when she takes you by the hand, she leads you through a predetermined well defined path, until you get to the posture best suited to you ! Very formative experience for the body and soul! Sabine, thank you for introducing me to this art: I was skeptical and I changed my mind because of you. I highly recommend everyone to try just once (even those who do not believe it is appropriate for themselves, like me) then …. Sabine will do the rest!


This is my forth yoga ratna lesson and also my first contact to yoga. I do not know if yoga is like this everywhere, but she is simply brilliant and beautiful. I really like it.


I like very much Sabine’s lessons because they are very practical, but I also like the description of every exercise, its origin and I also like how she explains what each yoga pose its good for, and what are the benefits of each exercise. I really like it. And when Sabine says that that a yoga pose is good for those who aren’t very confident then I think “Yes, that’s me”, and if she says that this is good pose for those who are introverted then I think “Oh yes that’s me”, and every problem I think “Yes, that’s mine”. This is why I enjoy her lessons because I think they are very complete, it’s not just the physical exercise.


I started yoga at the “old age” of 57 years and I wondered if it made sense to start at this age. At the time I could not even sit with my legs stretched out due to severe back pain. Since then I started practicing seriously also at home. I really enjoyed it, my body responded excellently and the pains were gone, thanks to the valuable lessons of Sabine. Now I practice on my own at home and I come only occasionally to refresh my practice as Sabine always advice us.


I have been coming to Sabine for ten years and this must have a reason. As a yoga teacher I couldn’t find better, at least for me! This yoga ratna is now part of my life and I would never want to miss her classes and events!


This yoga that Sabine is teaching is a drug, when we begins
practicing we can’t stop anymore!


I think it is the essence of life, it help me to change myself, and
Sabine is a “teacher” and she does it like it must be done, she is very


Beautiful, I love it and I would like to do it every day! Sabine is
friendly, knowledgeable and patient. She knows how to make the lessons
interesting and nice!


I have participated in only one lesson! I feel relieved and
very good! It does me good. Sabine is very expert and sweet!


Very nice! I wish I had the opportunity to practice
moreover, it is excellent for body and mind. Sabine is patient, kind and
she explains very well!


Yoga-Ratna is a very beautiful practice, deep, it
balances body and soul. Sabine knows how to motivate people, she leads
very well, and the practice is suitable for all!

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I started yoga at the “old age” of 57 years and I wondered if it made sense to start at this age. At the time I could not even sit with my legs stretc…
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