The Chakra of the heart, in the center of the chest. The term means “resonant without percussion”, the mystical sound, inaudible to the human ear, which knows neither beginning nor end. It’s element is air. It has twelve petals, the number of completeness: there are twelve months, zodiac signs etc. Its color is green “in the chromatic scale this color anahata3is the central color, the axis of balance, the meeting point between what is high up, the spirit, and what is low down, matter…” G. Cella, (Chakra, pg. 42) (Anyway some see a pink colour).

It’s sense is touch, with the skin being the organ of sense. According to some schools the organ of action are the genitals, according to others, the hands.
Its shape/symbol are two overlapping triangles, one pointing upwards which symbolizes the male (from the multiple to one) or Shiva, the benevolent, the other with the tip pointing downwards symbolizes the female (from one to multiple) his Shakti. “…Here all the dualities that the manifestation produces are in perfect, stable equilibrium…” F. Zanchi (I Chakra, pg. 81). So in this energy center there is the possibility for the reconciliation of opposites through love.
The presiding deities of this subtle center are Isha – an aspect of Shiva, and his Shakti in the form of Kakini (the one who moves in the wind). The animal depicted is the gazelle.
The associated gland is the thymus.
The vital breath is prana, the filling breath.

It controlls the Heart and Respiratory-, and Blood Circulation System.
The Bija-mantra is YAM,  which when chanted helps to balance the energy of this Chakra, bringing harmony to all aspects of the personality, from the lowest to the highest. The symtoms of imbalance are “a hard heart,” the inability to love, to be merciful and so on. And it’s by means of this harmonic Chakra, that people are able to empathize with all that exists and appreciate its beauty and harmony. In fact, the function of this energy center is the ability to express pure and unconditional love.
This Chakra is neither male nor female, as mentioned previously, here all opposites are in perfect balance.

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