B03-manipura_chakraTHE MANIPURA CHAKRA
The Chakra at the level of the navel, more or less in the center of the body. The name means “city where the jewel shines”. The element is fire, the color bright red, the petals are ten. Its shape / symbol is a triangle pointing downwards.


Its sense is sight and the eyes are associated with it. The organ of action is the anus.
It’s male deity is Shiva in his destructive manifestation or Rudra alluding to the transformation that takes place in this Chakra, given that it governs the digestive system, as well as the stomach, and so transmutes what is not us (food, etc..) in us.
It’s Shakti is Lakini, the benefactress.
The animal is the ram, which brings us back to the power of fire, to the energy of the sun.
Manipura acts like the sun in the universe of our body. Like the sun,
which is expansive and hot, under its influence we are more communicative, we come into contact with the outside world, but we become passionate too.
We also know that a person who has stomach problems tends to become curved and to somehow wrap himself around his solar plexus, as if to protect himself from external aggressions. Moreover, maybe all of you have experienced that when we have an emotional shock, we often bring the hand to the plexus. What “blocks” us is in that area.
The associated gland is the pancreas.
The breath of life is samana, the middle warming breath.
Some attribute the strength of motivation, identification, recognition and longevity to this energy centre.
The Bija Mantra is RAM, the sound syllable that helps to balance this Chakra which, in a state of imbalance, manifests in digestive problems, problems with the sight and an agitated and irritable mind.

On a psychological level, willpower, determination, the ability to assert oneself and to fulfill ones purposes belong to this Chakra, but also agression, anger, and a sense of impotence.
On a subtle level it is thanks to this Chakra that we relate to other living entities, to spiritual entities and our own destiny.
The nature of this Chakra is definitely male.

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