We’re in the middle of the winter, the earth has changed and lead her  energy inside charging her strength and power. Human beings also experience the change of season in varying ways, some more intensely, others less. Sometimes this change can lead to digestive problems and/or stomach upset.

Uddhyanabandha_3_convertedUddiyana Bandha is one of the most powerful yoga practices and is of great help for these problems, one can verify the beneficial effects by practicing it daily in the morning on rising over a long period. Moreover, in time it will become almost automatic and spontaneous to practice it and add it to your daily routine.

Uddiyana Bandha is understood to be “the Rising of the Great Sacred Bird” “the Bird of Life” as Prana or the vital breath is defined. This practice, which should be performed every day in the morning on rising, has a strong massaging effect on the intestines, facilitating immediate evacuation. The diaphragm rises in the chest and the lungs empty so that the organs are all pulled back toward the lower back. It creates a great void, the belly pulls back completely and a closed fist can fit in the space thus created.

HERE’S HOW TO DO IT:uddiyana bandha dipinti

  • Stand upright with your feet about half a meter apart. Inhale deeply through the nostrils.

  • Lean forward from the waist and exhale deeply through the mouth. Try to empty the lungs as fully as possible.

  • Keep your spine straight and bend your knees slightly. Rest your palms on your thighs just above the knees so that your knees support the weight of the upper body. Fingers can be directed downward or inward.

  • Make sure your arms are extended.

  • In this position, there is an almost automatic contraction of the abdominal region. Bend your head forward closing the throat slightly.

  • Take a fake inspiration, keeping the throat closed and expanding the chest, as if inhaling but without actually taking in air.

  • Straighten the legs slightly.

  • This movement will automatically pull the abdomen upwards internally towards the spine to form Uddiyana bandha. The vacuum that is created and the sucking upwards is very helpful for prolapsed organs such as kidneys, uterus and ovaries.

  • Hold this position in apnea (Bahir kumbhaka, holding the breath with empty lungs) for a comfortable period of time. Do not force yourself!

  • Release the abdominal closure and relax your chest.

  • Straighten your knees and raise your head.

  • Inhale slowly and deeply.

  • Stay in an upright position until the breath returns to normal before starting another round.

Two or three rounds daily, always done in the morning on an empty stomach are sufficient to keep the intestines healthy and eliminate impurities.


it’s a panacea for many abdominal ailments and stomach problems including constipation, indigestion, worms and diabetes, provided they are not chronic. Digestive fire is stimulated and all the abdominal organs are massaged and toned. The adrenal glands are balanced taking away lethargy and easing anxiety, depression and tension. It gives vitality to people who have no energy. It improves blood circulation throughout the upper body and strengthens internal organs. Uddiyana bandha stimulates the solar plexus which has a lot of subtle influence on energy distribution in the body.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika affirms that: “The old man who performs this practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher becomes young again”

Contraindications: Women should not practice it in the first days of the menstrual cycle or during pregnancy



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