About us

Sabine Paul

Yoga-Ratna teacher

graduate from S.I.Y.R

 Yoga-Ratna teacher school

My name's Sabine, nice to meet you, I'm not Italian but come from Germany (at least my body was born in Germany).
My searching for a healthier and more humane way of life brought me to the Tuscan mountains. Almost thirty years ago we bought a small farmhouse in the Tuscan-romagna Appenines to live immersed in nature far from the city's noise, with the desire to bring up our children in harmony with the environment, animals, the earth and the sky. We kept cows who pastured freely and voluntarily gave their milk until, at the end of a long happy life, they died of old age.

Already at that time I was extremely interested in natural organic food and holistic medicine: homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and herbal medicine. Long and extensive personal studies of the above listed subjects have permitted me to keep the whole family healthy and cure them without having to use antibiotics or other synthetic drugs.
My passion for cooking, which became vegetarian after we experienced at first hand that the animals we eat have to be "killed", led me to experiment new recipes until cooking became my profession over the years, and selling organic baked goods at the organic markets in the area has permitted us to make a living in a dignified manner "without selling our souls."

However, I perceived that a deepening of the spiritual aspect was still lacking. I started to explore the Indian culture with its deep and comprehensive explanation of the phenomena of life, death and God.
I took initiation from the bhakti-yogi Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja in 2003, who gave me the name of Satyabhama devi dasi.

Years back, because of my interest in healing in a holistic and alternative way and in prevention, I started to practice hatha-yoga, but only 15 years later when I met my present-day teacher Gabriella Cella Al Chamali and got to know her Yoga-Ratna method did my true passion for yoga emerge. I was overwhelmed, disturbed and transformed. Having frequented various of her workshops I decided to enroll in her S.I.Y.R. (school for yoga-ratna teachers), in the 4-year high-quality teaching course. In 2009 I graduated with full honors and I'm happy to have learnt this fascinating and captivating method. My interest is still directed mainly towards the therapeutic content of yoga, seeing as most pupils arrive with problems, aches and pains, etc. and Yoga-Ratna is particularly indicated because of its emphasis on listening to one's own body, perceiving and accepting one's own limits and then gradually increasing (with patience and constant practice) the capacity of the body.
For a yoga teacher it's very pleasing and rewarding to see and accompany one's own students in this evolutionary path of transformation and personal growth.
I have been teaching for more than ten years, at the outset to finance my yoga studies and subsequently as a passion and with the mission to bring this style of yoga, yoga-ratna, among the people.

I am still continuing my education (because one never stops learning), with my yoga teacher, and also with other schools and teachers in Italy and India.
Since 2017 I have been following the master Doug Keller from America, a prominent figure in the world of yogaterapy, more specific on muscle myofascias. This fascinating aspect in the universe of our body, the profound meaning of which was only discovered in recent years, while previously it was claimed that it was only connective tissue, with no other task or connection with the rest of the complex body system.
So in my teaching style the soft and adaptable style of Yoga Ratna is combined with the simple and effective notions of Doug's style and his "The therapeutic wisdom of Yoga" ...

Laila Crispino

My name is Laila Crispino and since I was a child I grew up immersed in nature with, upon awakening, the background music of my parents who sang their morning mantras.
I learned the art of natural healing , through herbs and nutrition, in daily living and growing the concept of "healing" attracted me more and more
By attending the Scientific High School, the thought of the ancient and modern philosophers opened the world of introspection to me, supporting the spiritual practices which, since my family often frequented the Hare Krsna community, had become part of me.
At 17 I had thyroid problems, so much so that I had to withdraw from school and everything that was my daily life, and since "modern" medicine proposed me to become addicted to drugs for life, I chose the path of yoga, of inner listening, the study of oneself; I got help from homeopathy, Chinese medicine, nutrition and herbs .....
I discovered what "healing" means ... to be consistent with oneself, and this led me to begin my holistic training.
On my first trip to India I was lucky enough to be able to learn the art of foot reflexology in the Ayurvedic center of Jaganat Puri and to practice yoga for the first time in its place of origin ...
In 2005 I began my training as a naturopath at the Academy of Naturopathy with bioenergetic and environmental ANEA in Prato, graduating in 2012 with a score of 97/100 ... I continued my path specializing in foot reflexology, herbal medicine and flower therapy.
At the same time I have always continued my path in yoga through personal practice, attending various seminars of Gabriella Cella, the founding teacher of the Yoga Ratna style, following the weekly courses of Sabine Paul, a multi-year teacher, as well as my mother! and in various trips to India I have always tried to take advantage of the opportunity to try the different teaching methods of this fascinating and vast discipline.
For years I have studied and practiced the Indian Odissi dance, originally from Orissa, and it made me discover the fantastic world of symbols expressed through the body, a body that embodies the power of the figures it represents ....
In 2016 I received the certificate as a yoga instructor at CSEN and this year I attended the yoga teacher training course at the "CINTAMANI YOGA" school in Florence with the teacher Janava Sundari and is it was an intense journey that led me to open up and want to offer this style of yoga ... VINYASA .... a fluid, dynamic, playful style, but which carries within itself the symbols that yoga Ratna taught me and that I I love so much.
I am the mother of three beautiful children whom I thank with all my heart for the joy and continuous trials they give me, just as I thank my partner who is beside me and supports me and a heartfelt thanks to my family for all the love that accompanied me on my journey ....