The word yoga means: to unite, to bind, and is used in India to indicate ways or paths to redeem, to “reunite” mankind with his original spiritual essence. There are a lot of different types of yoga, each with its own characteristics and merit. They all, however, aim to allow our “luminous and divine” nature to emerge”


the system of yoga that is the most well-known in the west, made up of eight branches: asanas, pranayama, concentration, meditation and so on. The scriptures which refer to Hatha-Yoga are “Hathayoga Pradipika” and the “Yoga-Sutra” of Patanjali.


disinterested service, without expectation of a result or acknowledgment.


the yoga of devotion, the most famous scripture being the “Bhagavad gita”.


The yoga of sound with bhajan and kirtan (singing and dancing), in my opinion the most beautiful, ecstatic and entertaining method to glorify God and the Divine.


Yoga Ratna means the jewel, the pearl of yoga.
Created out of forty years experience of practice and teaching by Gabriella Cella Chamali who, while respecting the Orthodox roots of yoga, offers a new, dynamic, modern and captivating interpretation. It gives particular regard to, on the one hand, the symbol that represents the heart of yoga-ratna allowing us to plumb the depths of our being, and, on the other hand, the Chakra related to each single position. The feminine world is also taken greatly into consideration with the proposal of Asanas with feminine polarity and the indication of contraindications specifically for the characteristics of women's bodies.
The world of symbols is a vast one and there's a countless amount of literature on this subject, while in the jewel of yoga it suffices to practice, to immerse oneself in the form in order to reawaken dormant potential and enjoy the benefits. Using symbols one can even tell stories through the body.
In Yoga Ratna we also find some asanas that are not part of classical yoga but have been developed by its founder, following the criteria and parameters of yoga and getting ideas and inspiration from both Indian Classical Dance and kalaripayat (an Indian martial art).
In addition the practice is centered on the focusing of our attention on all the sensations, emotions and impressions that come up, without trying at all costs to reach perfection in the posture and without competing or making comparisons with other practitioners; simply being, living the form, the symbol, even if the limitations of our body allow “only” a partial execution.

The practice is always new and fresh and the sequences change with the seasons, needs or intuitions of the practitioner or teacher. All these aspects render the Yoga-Ratna method extremely interesting, versatile, fun and a beautiful path towards inner growth, offering both pupil and teacher a practice that encourages personal transformation and spiritual evolution along with physical well-being.

Starting out from the belief that the body, mind, emotions and spirit are one, it becomes clear that acting on one of these aspects, we influence all the others.

The practice consists of

  • warm-up exercises and stretching
  • postures (asana)
  • breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • mudra and bandha (hand and body gestures, and postural fixation of some energy centers)
  • guided relaxation
  • concentration
  • meditation


The practice of Yoga-Ratna offers all the benefits of yoga in an empowered way due to its specific regard to the symbolic meaning of each asana. In addition anyone can practice it, from beginners to advanced pupils as it offers an “Ardha” (partial) version of each posture which makes it accessible to everyone. It's suitable for all ages and it does not require special ability.

Some of the many benefits it can offer you

Improves posture

Renders the body supple, flexible, agile and slim

Melts away tension, muscular contractions and blockages

Improves health and physiological functions

Regenerates body and mind

Gives strength and vitality

Deeply relaxes

Eliminates back pain

Boosts concentration, creativity and memory

Helps to face life with assurance (more self-esteem and self-confidence)

Improves emotional control

Equilibrates the endocrine system

Strengthens the nervous system

Improves respiratory capacity and quality

Detoxifies the organism

Slows aging and allows you to live old age in good health with a more flexible body

Improves fertility and is helpful in childbirth

So what are you waiting for, make a decision before the first aches and pains begin and become chronic. Start to listen to your body, tune in to its frequency, yoga-ratna will help you to restore mental and physical balance.

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