This position that brings us so many benefits both physically and psychologically and spiritually is often misrepresented. Of course, this first complete variant is very demanding especially for the shoulder joint and upper back, so those who have problems in this area do well to approach less strong variants, which allow the position to be performed even by those who suffers from pain, due to its ability to loosen and soften the entire upper area of ​​the bust.
On the mat in table top position with the arms and thighs a little further apart than the length of the torso, the thighs perpendicular to the ground. After a deep inhalation, exhaling lower with the chest towards the ground, the throat open, the chin rests on the mat, the arms extend forward.
With cervical problems, the forehead rests on the ground, with problems in the shoulder joint, the arms are crossed by grabbing the elbows with the hands, the head remains inside the arms.
To activate the muscle myofascias of the arms and shoulders, the hands are pressed into the mat so that the elbows and arms remain detached from the ground.
There are few positions that can offer us the same benefits throughout the upper torso. We have a maximum opening of the chest and shoulders. The shoulder blades stick to the back and reposition themselves perfectly. Initially it is good not to overdo it and go down too much, but over time, as the body melts, it becomes easier and easier to perform and eventually feels comfortable even during a prolonged hold.
With time all problems, both of the neck, shoulders, with the respiratory and cardio vascular systems, fade and leave us.
A position of extreme prostration, which teaches us to let go off self-centeredness, pride, and helps us when we have difficulty submitting to someone else’s will
The stimulated or activated Chakras are Vishuddha, Anahata, Svadhisthana
The variant of rest, which we see frequently on the net, makes us slide backwards until the buttocks possibly touch the heels, the arms remain extended forward, the forehead rests on the ground
Good practice
Namastè Sabine

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